Dec 24, 2009


chocolates at Eco-Beautiful Weddings

Just so you know…we really did taste the chocolates that are showcased on page 20 of the magazine.  We love Organica Deluxe cookies, but we also love their crazy chocolates as well.  The Coco-Zen chocolates from Dream Green Weddings were addictive!  Both Organica Deluxe and Dream Green Weddings sent us chocolates at our request to taste for our 1st issue and to talk about it here on the blog for reviews for our readers, in other words, they did not pay us to put their items in our magazine nor on the blog.  We had other chocolates that were sent to us that will be mentioned later!

To say that the staff is easy to please when it comes to chocolate is not really the truth.  Some like dark chocolate, some like milk chocolate and some like chocolate mixed with other things.

The Coco-Zen assortment from Dream Green Weddings made our 1st issue for its luscious combination of dark chocolate truffle style mini morsels.  They were simply the perfect size for snacking and not too sweet and one truffle was enough to stave off cravings for a larger snack!  The packaging is reusable and recyclable and the chocolate is organic! Brilliant!

The chocolate covered salted caramels from Organica Deluxe had another original taste that made us longing for more little packages in their pretty blue boxes!!!  Katie loves chocolate with caramel more than any other chocolate combo!  These organic caramels from Organica Deluxe are a must for favors or gifts for bridesmaids (or you – just because).

We really hope to showcase more chocolates from around the world for you as chocolate is pretty much a necessity!  If you have an organic chocolate that you love to eat or you want us to look into – let us know by posting about it here or by contacting us at green at!  We can’t wait to see what you have to say!  Chocolate can be so Eco-Beautiful!  Photo was taken by Andrea Jacobson of The Observatory – click on the photo to see more about them!
  1. We are delighted to be featured on your fabulous new green wedding blog! I look forward to reading both your blog and e-zine in 2010, and increasing the awareness about the importance of planning eco-friendly weddings. Happy New Year!


  2. Whoa, those chocolate covered salted caramels sound fantastic. I need to try them immediately! One of my favorite organic chocolates in the entire world is the Taza stone ground (in any flavor) which is made locally here in Boston (Somerville, actually!). I was just thinking last night about how it would be so nice to get some custom wrapped for wedding favors because they come in a cute round design. I highly recommend them. Ok, time to go order a box of these caramels!!

  3. They are the most amazing chocolates!

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