Aug 29, 2012

Love on Top!

wedding cake toppers eco friendly toppers handmade vintage etsy

No longer just an ornament, the wedding cake topper is taking on a style all its own.  Couples are giving their topper as much thought as the cake itself.  The style of your topper and cake can go hand in hand, or one can be more fun or conservative than the other.  Have fun with it, take the opportunity to express your personality as couple, and of course put your love on top for your guests to see!  After all, the topper is…the icing on the cake!  We just couldn’t resist that one…

 Check out Etsy for an incredible selection of handmade and vintage cake toppers!

Photo Credits

Just Married Topper

Je t’ aime Topper

Birdcage Topper

I Do, Me Too Topper

We Do Topper

Script Love Topper

It Must be Love Topper

Bride and Groom Topper
  1. What a great and simple idea! I love it!

  2. Really love is always topper!!!!

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