Dec 15, 2010

Get a Free Chevrolet Cruze For a Week!

Are you having a “stay-cation” for your Honeymoon?  Are you driving cross-country in the United States for your honeymoon?  Need a car to get those errands done for your wedding planning?  Hoping to buy a new car after you get hitched?  Then we have the best deal around for you!  Chevrolet is giving one of our readers a free Cruze to drive for a week! One lucky couple will get a chance to drive this fun, fuel-efficient car anywhere in the contiguous United States between March 15th through December 31st, 2011!

For contest rules and regulations – please CLICK HERE TO VIEW and SAVE the Official Contest Rules for the Eco-Beautiful Weddings Magazine and Blog’s Chevy Cruze ONE WEEK LOAN.

To win this week-long LOAN, you must write below to tell us about yourself and what kind of green wedding you are going to have and why the Chevrolet Cruze would be perfect for your honeymoon or to help you get your wedding planning done!

All entires must be written by February 23rd, 2011 to be eligible.  You must write your answers below in the comment section!

Good Luck!


Thanks to everyone who wrote in – we chose our winner!  Look out for more contests!!!
  1. Amanda Hartman says:

    On June 10 2011 I, Amanda Lynn Hartman, will be wed to Charles Joseph (CJ) Kavanagh. We met 10 years ago in college. We spent the first 4 years as friends and then began our committed relationship with each other.
    At the very beginning of that commitment we took a long road trip together. CJ flew from his home in NY to my Home in IN. From there we drove west past the SPAM Musuem and trough the Dakota Bad Lands. We went to my parents cabin in MT and then travel south to UT. While in UT we visited friends in SLC and multiple National Parks like Zion, Arches and Bryce. We went to the Grand Canyon and into AZ to visit my cousin. We traveled through NM and headed back east. We spent Thanksgiving at some hot springs state (or national) park in a state that i cant remember. From there the end of the trip is blurry, nothing as grand as the west.
    The following 2+ years of our relationship we struggled though living long distance from each other. I was in Massage Therapy school in Albany NY and CJ was finishing up a masters degree in education on Long Island. We visited one or two weekends a month.
    When school was done we packed our lives into our cars and traveled back to UT. We were in love with its mountains and its deserts. We had no family here and together started our lives in a brand new place. After living together in apartments for 3 years we bought a house together. For the last year we have enjoyed being home owners. We built a garden, installed a dishwasher, reinvated our basement, and have enjoyed all of the work a house requires. We have adopted 2 cats, Myra and Chancie, and a dog named Loki.
    We are enjoying planning our wedding together. We look forward to a honeymoon too. Oringinally we thought we would fly somewhere. Maybe Furope or maybe to some chain of tropial islands. More recently we decided that we would be smarter to take a road trip. It would save us money but not limit our ability to have adventure and fun. We would want to visit frineds and family in OR. Seeing some ocean is a must. We want to have fun and adventure while saving our money for more solid investments. We need a new vehical and we want to be sure to have a good savings. We would love the oppurtunity to use the Chevrolet Cruze for our Road Trip Honeymoon Vacation.

  2. Angela says:

    I am so excited about this contest. My fiance and I feel strongly about environmental sustainability in our daily lives and this has really spilled over into our wedding as well. We have been dating for four years and he proposed in April of 2010 at my favorite park while hiking. We are planning an intimate wedding this summer and plan to have friends over to our new home for a little party a few weeks after to celebrate the occasion.

    Keeping our guest list small (just 7 guests!) will lower the impact of having so many people travel to our wedding. I also have a pre-owned dress which is beautiful and cost-effective. Our wedding will be outside in a park and the reception will be at the home we recently purchased. I plan to order food from caterers in my area which use organic and local produce.

    Our budget is quite modest since we just purchased our first place. After our wedding this summer we plan to stay on the East Coast and visit beaches. The rental of this Chevy Cruze will help us cut down on the wear and tear of our vehicles. It also gets much better gas mileage and will be a lower impact on the environment compared to using our own vehicles. Driving will also save money compared to flying and I find it to be a lot more fun! I cannot wait to marry my best friend and this amazing Chevy Cruze giveaway would help us to worry less about the cost of the honeymoon and our environmental impact. Thank you Eco-beautiful Weddings!


  3. Getting to drive a Chevy Cruze for a week would be a perfect honeymoon treat for me and my husband-to-be. Our honeymoon plan is to drive down Highway One in California from Leggett to Guerneville, stopping at little inns along the way and enjoying the beautiful coast. Our wedding is eco-conscious in several ways–first, we’ve registered for gifts through the I Do Foundation, which facilitates donations from the stores where we’re registered to 3 chosen charities–one of which is the Friends of the Eel River, an organization that works to protect and restore our local river. Another way that our wedding is eco-conscious–the flowers. I’ve decided to skip the use of a florist. We’ll be harvesting flowers from our garden for the reception, and I’m handcrafting the flowers for the bouquets out of glass beads and wire. All of our vendors are local businesses who are dedicated to using local goods and services to save on greenhouse gas emissions and benefit our local economy. In lieu of favors for our guests, we’ll be making a donation to the Western Rivers Conservancy, which works to buy land around rivers in the west to help protect bio-diverse riparian areas. In addition, the theme of our wedding is rivers–my fiance is an avid flyfisherman, strictly catch and release, and I’m a dedicated birdwatcher. We enjoy backpacking, hiking, camping, and canoeing in our spare time.
    It would be so great to use a Chevy Cruze to drive down the coast for our honeymoon. It would save us the use of our own vehicles, and would feel like a real luxurious treat! Thanks so much for considering us!

  4. Natalie says:

    This is a great contest! My fiance and I grew up in the same small town in Vermont, moved to NYC and then moved back…but seven years apart! We met in 2007 performing in a musical that was a benefit for his aunt who was ill. I knew he was the one when he convinced me, a person who plans every little detail, to roll down a random hill just like I used to do when I was a little girl. He says that the moment he knew was when we were driving down a busy road and I screamed for him to stop. Before the car even came to a halt I jumped out, ran back down the road and stopped traffic because there was a turtle crossing the street!

    Vermont is an incredibly green state, literally and figuratively. That is definitely one of the things that drew us both back to our home state. Our friends are helping us to make our own food for 100 guests and we plan on using as many local and organic ingredients as possible. Our wedding is in September, so the farmers market we go to every Saturday during the Summer/Fall will still be going on and we’re hoping to speak with the vendors we frequent so we can really make a farm to table meal. As well as supporting local agriculture, we are supporting the local art scene by holding our reception at a non-profit art center. Finally, the last green bit of our wedding is that we are going with a vintage feel so I can find decorations and upcycle. Not only is it good for the environment…but good for the wallet too!

    For our honeymoon, we are planning an East Coast road trip. It would be perfect to have the Cruze for a week to help us reach our destinations!

  5. Angela Morgan says:

    I am a first-time bride at 36 who will marry the love of my life on June 4, 2011 in the church my parents were married in. We are committed to doing our part to help protect our environment. We are diligent recyclers in our home lives and will carry that commitment into our marriage. We will have trash recycle stations set up at our wedding dinner reception.

    We are be giving guests at our reception a favor card on recycled paper telling them a donation has been made in their honor to one among several of our favorite eco-conscious charities.

    I am handmaking our programs and favor fans as DIY projects and each of the projects involves using recycled paper and all will be printed on eco-ink.

    A cotton bridal gown is the perfect choice for our natural wedding because it will be a focal point of the ceremony and a great chance to emphasize our commitment to eco-conscious living and convey simple elegance.

  6. Emma O says:

    Hello! Having minored in Environmental Studies, making our wedding as green as we could was important to me from day one. My fiance and I met working at summer camp when we were 16, and we decided there was no better place to hold our big day. Not only are they champions of environmental education to about 5,000 people a year (hiking, nature classes, and restoration projects), but their beautiful old dining hall, a screened building with no heating/cooling energy to waste, will host our reception in late May!

    A few of the other ways that we are being eco-conscious are by using all real dishes (despite this being a camp buffet meal, no paper or plastic), collecting old mason jars to re-use as drinking glasses, not having any assigned seating (eliminating place cards, table numbers, charts, etc), had electronic save the dates and no paper reply cards/envelopes. Most guests will be staying at camp, eliminating driving to a hotel or home (and staying outdoors in tents or cabins with no power to boot). We’re only using 6 actual real flowers, making fabric ones from scraps for centerpieces, etc. We are getting kegs and stocking the bar ourselves, taking advantage of bulk containers!

    We would love to use a Chevy Cruze for our honeymoon adventure in North Carolina, we’re going out to Pamlico Sound to stay in the outer banks for a week, and would love to be able to check out nearby lighthouses or outdoor adventures. Thank you for reading about our green (literally, that’s the main color) plans!

  7. My fiancee and I are having our wedding in our home state, so that our loved ones can be there to share in our big day. However, for us, that’s not where our wedding story ends. You see, we are a same-sex couple and that is not recognized here, so the day after our wedding we are off to Massachusetts to be legally married. Since we are paying for our wedding ourselves and as this is an extra expense that most couples do not have, we do not anticipate that there will be money in the budget for a honeymoon, so we would love to win this and we could drive to get our marriage license and call it a road trip 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    –Kaleigh & Cecile

  8. Bernadette says:

    My fiancé, Alex, and I are getting married in Carlisle, PA, on August 13, 2011. Carlisle is an amazingly cute down, surrounded by rolling countryside and apple orchards. But perhaps even more importantly, our wedding is certain to be a wonderful time, and could be made even better if we drove in eco-friendly style in the Chevy Cruz ☺

    We’re planning an eco-friendly affair in and around Dickinson College, our alma mater. Our wedding ceremony will be at an 18th century church (the first church we attended together) that is on the town’s main square and is within easy walking distance of the downtown hotels where our guests will be staying. Immediately after the ceremony, we’re planning for the entire wedding party and all of the guests to process/walk/parade the two blocks from the Church to the College for pictures, lawn games, and lemonade on the historic limestone academic quad. Our reception will then be taking place about 2 blocks from there in an old ribbon mill, which is aptly named…The Ribbon Mill. We will dine on an organic menu, with 100% of the produce coming from Dickinson College’s organic farm. Our meal will be served on biodegradable flatware (likely “Bambu” plates) and our food scraps will be composted and used for fertilizer at the Dickinson farm. Our guests will be served organic wine and beer – all as local as we can find.

    While everyone will be walking/parading between the church, lawn games, reception site, and hotel, we’re planning to have a few cars handy to transport some older relatives and, if need be, the bridal party. We don’t currently own a vehicle as we bike/walk, so we were planning to rent an environmentally friendly option (as we always do when we rent a car) and would love for it to be a Cruze!

    In terms of who we are…we like to think of ourselves as relaxed and fun, and a bit quirky. Alex, in particular, is quite into the environment (hence the eco-friendly wedding), so we tend to walk…a lot. We live in Washington, DC, and we both walked from our respective apartments to and from work. It was a great way to see the city and spend time together. We’re also now attempting to become bike commuters. We’re reasonably fit and have a close groups of friends with whom we love to have dinners and play board games and whatnot. Before moving to DC, we lived in London, where I first learned to appreciate beer. So we enjoy good beers and warm weather (after a few years of soggy/dreary London, we’re especially happy with sunshine!). I hope that sharing this info will give you a better sense of who we are.

  9. My fiance and I are both Peace Corps Volunteers from Massachusetts. We finish our 27 month commitment soon and are going home to be married in Cambridge, MA before signing on for another year of service. We’ve given up 2 years of our lives (and income) to help others and represent America in a positive light. Now we’re looking forward to a fun, colorful celebration and reunion with family and friends.

    We’ll be having a fabulous diy wedding that can’t help but be green. All of our events will be taking place within walking distance in Cambridge so our guests can walk or bike from ceremony to reception to our evening after-party! Our reception is at a restaurant that sources its produce from their own, local farm. My dress is being made by Naana B, a NY-based Ghanaian designer who works with a Ghanaian rural women’s empowerment group to provide her fabrics. Our rings will be recycled, family heirlooms, and our honeymoon… a camping trip in Boston Harbor.

    During our 2 years out of the country my husband’s “grease car” died, and we are returning Stateside carless. Having a green car for the week of our wedding for last minute errands and for getting our honeymoon camping gear to the ferry, would be a joy and a blessing.

    Thanks for all you do!
    V + N

  10. nice photo. This the best I have seen

  11. Alyssa Brown says:

    …Imagine my embarrassment upon my trip to the San Francisco airport to pick up my new main squeeze for our first road trip outside Massachusetts in an enormous, gas-guzzling rental car. This was winter several years ago, and my sustainability coordinator boyfriend Dave was only a little horrified. We made *light* of it as much as we could, literally and figuratively, before heading down Highway 1 along my homestate California’s coast. We didn’t acknowledge the car much. His incredulity about our environmentally unfriendly transportation resurfaced for a moment, though, on New Year’s Eve when we pulled up to our campsite in Joshua Tree National Park and he strapped on his huge backpack, ready to hoof it a couple of miles to our site, away from it (car and) all. “We’re already here,” I whispered, as a few friends of ours threw on their car headlights to illuminate our tent-pitching. Camping with this car was inconceivable. I think the car felt it too…we weren’t a good match.

    In the years since, we’ve established practical vehicular relationships, with a touch of romance. Dave used to be able to bicycle to work, but now he runs an energy management program at a college to which he has to commute. He checks out old, whimsical diesel cars about once a month, considering converting one to run on waste veggie oil. I am adjusting to living in the Northeast, where this particular winter has created my intimacy with terms such as “winch” and rendered me adept at rocking the car back and forth in an effort to get, well, down our street. My car and I have bonded in this dire moments. Happily, spring is around the corner, and it’s time to plan another rental car fling, another road trip in California along the 1. This time, though, the journey will involve our wedding! This car has got to be special.

    We have planned an intimate weekend retreat for just a few dozen of those close to us, on site at Oz Farm in Point Arena on the Mendocino coast. No matter what angle from which we looked at a map of California, some traveling is involved for many. Nevertheless, we are hoping to minimize our own transportation footprint and to be proud of the vehicle this time, not running away from it at every rest stop in shame.

    I am part of a very theatrical and enthusiastic family (and my doctoral degree will be in drama, with an eco-theatre focus), so you can bet that as I scoop up my brothers and my fiancé that we will roll down the windows and sing its praises as we head to Oz by way of San Francisco. I believe that it will hum along with us, up and down those bay hills. I am hoping that the car will be amenable to cozying up with our wedding gear, including the arch one of my brothers will make, as well as a few sleeping bags that will provide bedding for us in the cabins for the retreat. This weekend IS our honeymoon, by the way, as this constitutes a faraway destination for us, and Dave has to leave just a couple days after the wedding for a solar panel installation workshop!

    Upon arrival, the car will doubtless get a thrill out of driving along a mile-plus long dirt driveway, and positively beam in the sunlight that will grace us among orchards and redwood groves at the farm. Hopefully it won’t be too jealous of the canoe that we spend some time with along the coastal rivers. In its alone time, it might get a bath or two in that lovely, gentle spring rain that keeps the coast so green. Speaking of green, when we leave the wedding site, all our decor that won’t be recycled or composted is coming with: picture us lovingly placing the handknit bouquets that my mom will craft in the backseat; we’ll hold homemade pinwheels out the windows and make for quite the joyful exit.

    Dave and I will fly into California on Wednesday, April 6th, and we’ll have one unforgettable week together. Don’t worry, we’ll clean up the local orange peels and beach sand on the floor with meticulous eyes and joyful hearts. I sure hope that when I drop him off at the airport to go to his workshop that it can be a moment that this car can share with us, reflecting our attitudes of wanting to do so much, but waste so little in the process.


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