Jul 18, 2010

Recycled Bride!


We are excited to announce our new guest blogger Tracy DiNunzio from Recycled Bride who will be bringing you great deals and green tips for your wedding every Monday!

Tracy is the founder of Recycled Bride and its parent company Recycled Media, Inc. She started her network of eco-resale websites as a way to help women maximize their budgets and minimize their consumer waste. As an eco-conscious woman who loves to shop, Tracy was always searching for more affordable and sustainable ways to buy luxury and designer goods. She created the concept of eco-resale so that every woman would be able to enjoy having beautiful things – minus the giant pricetags and even bigger carbon footprint! Tracy blogs and writes for various publications about how to create a smarter, greener lifestyle on your wedding day and every day.

To start things off right – head over to Tracy’s blog to win your own wedding bands today!


  1. Why I can’t submit?

  2. Being as green as possible is so important. There is a site that I love to shop at, Clean Spirited, http://www.cleanspirited.com/ They sell eco friendly organic apparel and bath and body products including lots of organic and natural hair care. And, each product has rating telling customers how green it is. One dollar from every order is donated to environmental causes. I love it!

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