Jul 2, 2010

Real Wedding: Nick + Nicole


Entering this 4th of July Wedding Weekend…I wanted to leave you with a little inspiration from Heather Ciras’ photography from a wedding earlier this year in Hawaii.  I love the images and the absolute simplicity of their love and wedding.


When planning your wedding…it can be green in so many ways.  You can have a lot of decor or you can have very little.  My hope is that you focus on the love first – as it oozes from these photos.  This couple had the simple things:  love, family, the dress and the beach and some food.


No – it is not your typical wedding you see plastered all over most wedding blogs.  But there is still extreme value in taking a moment and thinking about the basics of your wedding.  Be sure your love shines through in all of the planning!


They rented a house on the beach…got their family to come. They got married…they ate…they danced!  What else do you need really?

dancing at the beach house

And let’s not forget – they are in Hawaii!  I totally dig this wedding for the amazing time they looked like they had and the simplicity of it all!

clouds on the beach

Congrats Nick and Nicole!

Katie Martin

Where: North Shore, O’ahu at the Pipeline House

Vegetarian Food: RJ Spade of Bluestar in Austin, TX

Dress, Shoes, Jewelry: Betsy Johnson


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