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  • To learn more about How to Be Featured on our Blog and in our Magazine, here are our Submissions guidelines.

We are always looking for eco-friendly wedding submissions and eco-friendly products and services.

In regards to real wedding submissions, they can be any “shade” of green.  Meaning, the wedding might be an eco-friendly vegan backyard wedding or an amazing eco-couture wedding that has beautiful eco-friendly elements (and anything in between).  We are taking submissions now for the magazine and for real wedding posts here on the blog.

Please submit 20-30 low-res detail photos of your wedding or weddings that best display the details of the wedding day.  If we dig the details, we will ask for more images.  Please make sure to send 1-5 brief bullet points as to why your wedding is eco-friendly.  This is particularly important if there are elements to your wedding that will not show up in a photo (i.e. the venue is powered by solar panels)!

Please do not send large files – anything over 1MB per email makes the selection process difficult on us.  If you have an online gallery – even better!  Please note, we do not mind if your images have been shown on your blog if you are a wedding professional, bride or groom.  However, we do not like to repeat content that has been featured on other national/international blogs and magazines.  We will, however, accept images that have been published in smaller (local) regional print magazines.  Please be honest when submitting images.

Due to the amount of emails that we receive, we may not be able to respond to every single email if for some reason we are unable to showcase your wedding.  We typically respond to inquiries within 2 weeks if we plan on using your images.

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You can also submit your images through Two Bright Lights!

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Thanks for your submissions!  We can’t wait to see what you have!

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We look forward to hearing from you!