May 9, 2013

WIN THIS: Honest Pampering Kit

Your regular spa days may be on hold for a bit, but this collection of Honest products will create an oasis right at home.  The kit includes everything from conditioner to body lotion, and best of all, your little one can use it all too.

Honest products are all about natural, eco-friendly style for babies and their families.  For a chance to bring to win this wonderfully pampering kit, we just need to know—how do you intend to keep it Honest in your home as a new mom?

Leave your response here and we’ll choose one lucky winner by August 23rd!
  1. brynne says:

    Keep it as chemical-free as possible! Honest products seem to be all over the place now, so I’ve been meaning to sample!

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  3. A baby is like an angel and the blessings of God..

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