May 9, 2013

WIN THIS: Kauffman Mercantile’s Burroughs Beard Oil

With a new baby on the way or already at home, green dads are busy! There are cribs to assemble, car seats to attach and lift and babies to cuddle while mommy gets a quick nap or catches up on work after a few weeks.  But while dads have a lot to do, he still needs to stay handsome and groomed too! 

This beard oil is a great addition to daddy’s shaving regimen—it’s made from pure essential oils and moisturizes the beard and skin underneath!

We have one bottle of Burroughs Beard Oil to share with a lucky green dad!  Tell us about your favorite memory of your dad, and we’ll choose one winner by June 14, 2013!
  1. You didn’t fresh your blog for so long time.Where did you go.

  2. its really nice article.

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